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Most surf schools teach kids how to ride a foam surfboard on whitewash and say, "congratulations, you are a surfer!" At Surf Education Academy (SEA) we believe there is a lot more to learn about being a safe member of the global surf community. That is why we offer a graduated approach to achieving independence in the water. Our programming prepares students for a lifetime of safe surfing adventures.

We cater our programming and curriculum to each surfer's goals and abilities, providing professional consulting for custom surfing development, including a personalized "Surfing Development Report" and "Road Map for Progression".


focused on safety & stoke

- Teaches young surfers the skills needed and the safety habits to develop to become confident and independent in the water.

- Surfer’s sessions and hours will be logged and progress tracked, allowing them to graduate from “white leash” to “blue leash” (similar to the belt system used in martial arts)

- Multiple surfing venues utilized to maximize training potential

- Photo and video sessions will document technique, which will be reviewed for learning purposes

- Field trips to Surf Museums, beach clean ups, Adaptive Surfing events, etc. may be included from time to time


once a surfer reaches 60 hours they receive...

- Custom “Surfing Development Report” and “Roadmap for Progression”

- Hard cover photo book of the surfer’s best waves and experiences

- Custom video of surfer’s best waves, edited to their favorite song

- Opportunity to graduate from "White Leash" to "Blue Leash"