Future Legends Surf Squads

AGES: 6-14

The Future Legends Surf Squads Program is designed for small groups of young surfers who are comfortable surfing open face waves on days when the waves are 4-6 feet on the face. Two to four surfers will surf together for six weeks and their sessions will be documented by our Coaches, Photographers  and Videographers. Surfers will have access to their images and videos from each session in order to increase the learning curve and at the end of each six week session each surfer will receive 1-2 minute video edit of their best waves from the sessions.

$749 per 6 Week Session
Wednesdays or Fridays - 3:30pm-6:00pm


Personalized User Profile for each Surfer

Access photos, video and coaches notes from each session in your own personal profile. Use the photos and videos to improve your surfing and share with family and friends.


Custom Video Edit and High Quality Action Shots

Each surfer will receive a custom video edit of their best surfing moments from the 6 week session, as well as high quality digital copies to their surfing photos.


Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Surfers set their individual goals and we use photo and video analysis and other tools to increase the learning curve and demonstrate improvement.