Group Sessions

Nothing beats surfing with your friends! Grab you friends, family members, officemates or whoever and come join us for a surf! We will make sure your whole group is smiling and stoked!



*Members of SEA get 20% Off of Group and Private Sessions, just enter your Member Code at Checkout!

$75/surfer for 6 surfers or more
$85/surfer for 5 surfers
$95/surfer for 4 surfers
$105/surfer for 3 surfers
$115/surfer for 2 surfers

* Group Sessions are 1.5 hours
* Minimum of 2 surfers for Group Sessions

* Transportation can be arranged upon request
* Session locations vary based on where will be best for your group



Great for everything from Small Groups to Special Events

Schedule sessions for you and your family or friends on a regular basis or book Surf Education Academy for your next birthday party or special event. SEA can accommodate groups as small as two all the way up to large corporate teams, so don't be shy, let's go surfing!


Team Building through Surfing

A Group Surf Session is an excellent way to build camaraderie amongst teams. Consider Surf Education Academy for your next Team Building activity.


Document your Surfing Experience... and learn from it!

SEA Surf Coaches will film and photograph your sessions and provide professional analysis for improving your skills... and you can keep your images too!