Private Sessions

One of the best ways to improve your surfing is to work with our world-class SEA Surf Coaches in a private setting. This personalized approach is great for all levels and allows us to customize each session and training program.

Every surfer is unique in their goals and abilities, so we approach surf coaching the same way. Schedule your upcoming sessions today and watch your confidence take off in and out of the water!


Member Rates:
$65/session = 12 Sessions
$75/session = 4 Sessions
$85 = 1 Session

Guest Rates:
$95/session = 12 Sessions
$105/session = 4 Sessions
$115 = 1 Session

* Private Sessions are 1.5 hours long
* Session locations vary based on where will be best for you
* Transportation can be arranged upon request


One on One Attention with World Class Surf Coaches

Whether it is your first time surfing, you are training for a competitive career, or you simply want to improve your technique and ocean knowledge, we will create a custom program structured with your end goals in mind.


Confidence Building Approach to Surfing Development

Our curriculum provides an easy to follow pathway for developing your surfing confidence and skills, working on mastering foundational skills and building our skill set from there.


Photo and Video Analysis 

Photo and Video Analysis has been proven to increase the learning curve for athletes training in other sports, so we have taken that same approach, utilizing modern technology to helping our students learn at an accelerated pace.