Future Legends Surf Club: Surfing Development Clinic & Beach Camping

The Future Legends Surf Club embarked on their first beach camping trip, which included a full program for surfing development. We were treated with three to four feet of swell and favorable wind conditions, which made for some really fun surf sessions! A full weekend of surf coaching, skateboarding, crafts, surf trivia and smores has the whole surf club fired up for next year!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; here are 46 pictures from the weeknd... that's like 46,0000 words, give or take.


Adaptive Surfing is growing at a rapid pace across the globe and that is why Surf Education Academy is proud to announce the first publication dedicated to all things Adaptive Surfing. Please visit www.adaptivesurfing.com to stay in the know and get your free subscription of Adaptive Surfing Magazine.

Adaptive Surfing Magazine: Vol. 1 was released as a limited edition print edition at the recent Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships, which took place from December 8-11 in La Jolla, California, and the digital editionwill be released online and straight to your inbox on December 14.

Featured Surf Instructor: Vicente Yazbek Arriaga

Vicente is a regular-footed Big Wave Charger from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. He frequents Todos Santos and can be seen out there on some of the biggest days of the year. A veteran of the Ocean, Vicente has been mastering his craft for 15 years and provides surf lessons out of No Limitz Nomad Surf School in Playa Hermosa.

Vicente charging on a Todo Santos bomb.

Vicente charging on a Todo Santos bomb.

Although, he has been teaching the sport of surfing for many years, he took the ISA Instructor Course to hone in on his skills both in and out the water.

His words to live by: “Surf to Live!”    

ISA Surf Judging Course brings together surf judges and community mentors from all corners of So Cal

We at Surf Education Academy were pleased to have had such an informative event take place last Saturday Nov. 12 at Bird’s Surf Shed for the ISA Surf Judging Course. 

A Special Thanks goes out to WindanSea Surf Club, La Jolla Shores Surfing Association, VERT Performance, and AmpSurf for showing up for a great night of valuable surf education. 

Featured SUP Instructor: Orry Ingram

Orry Ingram is a man who could charm a snake with his southern manners and polite desposition. With 6 years of surfing experience under his belt, he shares his passion with people all around San Diego. Orry is a stand up paddle instructor for the SUP connection based out Point Loma located in San Diego, California. 

The SUP connection does not only teach at its location in Point Loma, but also has the ability to take stand up paddling to any event located near the water. With this, Orry understands gaining as much water safety knowledge is important and is the reason why he took the ISA level one certification course. So if anyone is looking for the best stand up paddle experience in San Diego, Orry can take you on “a nice paddle route called the beer run at happy hour.”

Orry joins Samatha Eastburn and her dog from SUP Pups to get a different perspective during the ISA SUP Flat Water Course.  

Orry joins Samatha Eastburn and her dog from SUP Pups to get a different perspective during the ISA SUP Flat Water Course.  

Featured Surf Instructor: Nikki Harth

Nikki Harth is the kind of person who fills a room with a kind energy that will make anyone's day better. Standing at six-foot seven Nikki makes most people feel a bit small, but with his uplifting spirit he has a personality that make you want to spend as much time around him as possible.

Nikki grew up in little surf town called Leucadia in Encinitas, California. Growing up by the water, he wanted to share his experiences with others too, and started California Surf Adventure to help share the amazing surf breaks southern California has to offer with visitors around the world. To ensure the safest possible experience Nikki recently completed the ISA level one certification. With his added knowledge he hopes to make the experience with California Surf Adventures the safest as possible.

Nikki Harth and fellow ISA Surf Instructor Alex Reynolds helping kids get stoked on surfing at the Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Surf Program presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Nikki Harth and fellow ISA Surf Instructor Alex Reynolds helping kids get stoked on surfing at the Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Surf Program presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Stay tuned for his boutique hotel surf he plans on opening in Encinitas. The goal of Surfhouse Adventures will be to immerse surfers in the local surf community.

Don't Miss Out! Digital Launch of Surf Park Magazine, October 25

spm cover preview_medium.png

Surf Education Academy is proud to launch Surf Park Magazine, a publication that will showcase the emerging surf culture where surfing was once unimaginable, while emphasizing well established best practices within the areas of water safety and surf etiquette, as well as instilling the rich history of our sport. 

The future of surfing is here and we at Surf Park Magazine want to help you stay informed on everything to come. On October 25, 2016 the digital launch of our Vol. 1 Edition will go live on our web page, surfparkmagazine.com, where you can read about industry reviews, why the Pope is so stoked, or what Kelly Slater and Steve Jobs have in common, as well as view an amazing gallery of the best surf park images to date.

Check out stories like how Dubai gained their first Big Wave surfer, Mo Rhama, whose career was birthed in the shallow depths of a wave pool. Or how surf coaches around the globe are using surf parks and new technologies to gain the information to push their surfers skills to the next level.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new time in our sport, subscribe today at surfparkmagazine.com

Upcoming ISA Surf Judging Course: November 12, San Diego, California

We will be offering an ISA Surf Judging Course on November 12, 2016 at Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego, California. The developmental course is open to anybody looking to gain unique knowledge into the difficult task of judging competitive surfing. From competitors to the parents of competitors or even the fantasy surf enthusiast looking for an extra edge up on his buddies, this course caters to everyone in the surf community. 

The course will give you an understanding of the international judging standards the ISA have researched and developed over the last 15 years. Whether you are hoping to set up a solid foundation for a fulfilling career or just want to know what the judges are looking at your local surfing competition, this course is for you.

The largest benefit of taking this course is joining a universal judging standard, ensuring competition all the way down the smallest grass-roots event receives the best judging offered around the world. 

Register Here

HELP WANTED: Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Adaptive Surf Program

2016 Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Youth Surf Camp presented by CAF

2016 Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Youth Surf Camp presented by CAF

Calling experienced surf instructors. Volunteer for a great cause.

On Friday October 21st from 9 am - 1 pm, the Junior Seau Foundation Adaptive Surf Program presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation will be hosting an adaptive surfing clinic to stoke out youth from all walks of life.

We are looking for a few volunteers to get in the water and make a difference in these kid's lives.

If interested, email Sean Brody at sean@surfeducationacademy.com

Upcoming: ISA Surf Level 1- June 10 & 11 - San Diego, CA

Join the Surf Education Academy for the ISA Surf Level 1 course on June 10 & 11 in San Diego, California! Space is very limited, so we encourage you to sign up today at the link below:


The course will be held at the iconic Bird's Surf Shed with practical course components taking place in Pacific Beach. Whether you work as a Surf Instructor or are simply planning on taking friends or family surfing, this course will be extremely valuable to you.

If you are on the East Coast and interested in joining us for an ISA Surf Level 1 course we will be hosting one in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on June 23 &24.  Registration is available at the following link:


ISA Educational Programs are the only Surf Instructor courses accepted around the world and recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The ISA certifications set the global standard for safety and best practices in the Surf Industry.