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About Surf Coach, Sean Brody

Sean Brody is one of the world's leading experts in surfing education and development, with an abundance of experience working with surfers from all walks of life. Brody has been surfing for more than 22 years, working in surfing education for 15+ years, currently trains other surf instructors across the United States and beyond for the International Surfing Association, and is an expert in working with surfers with disabilities. Brody prides himself in helping people from across the world enjoy the benefits of surfing.



- International Surfing Association Official Course Presenter

- International Surfing Association Surf Level 1 Coach and Instructor Certification

- International Surfing Association Stand Up Paddle Flat Water Instructor Certification

- Water Safety Specialists: Surf Instructor Safety Training

- Wilderness First Responder: Back Country Medical Guides

- CPR/AED + Advanced First Aid: American Heart Association



Born into the epicenter of the surf industry in Southern California, Sean Brody cut his teeth at Rusty Surfboards, where he climbed the ropes from shop grom, to Surf Instructor, to Staff Photographer and Digital Media Manager. Brody has traveled the world surfing, photographing, working in community development and has completed a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Tourism Management with an Emphasis in Sustainable Surf Tourism along the way (from San Diego State University).

Brody has had his hands in many surfing development and philanthropy projects, including founding the international non-profit organization, Surf Resource Network, co-founding the first sustainable surf tourism operations in Liberia, West Africa- Kwepunha Retreat and Kwepunha Surf Academy, serving as the Africa Development Adviser for the International Surfing Association, and taking on the the role of the International Surfing Association’s Membership Manager- where he consulted for 97 National Surfing Federations across the globe, worked to get surfing included in the Olympic Games, helped to conceptualize and produce the first ever World Adaptive Surfing Championship, and manged the global Educational Programs for the ISA.

Brody has now launched the Surf Education Academy to help ensure that everyone in the water has an amazing surfing experience by offering premium educational programming that focuses on safety, quality, and best practices through hands on learning.



- Presented a surfboard to Pope Francis at the Global Congress for Peace in the Vatican and discussed surfing as a tool for peace and cultural interaction (May 2016)

- Met with the President of Liberia and the President of Cape Verde to discuss the growth of Surfing in Africa

- Co-creator of the Surf Credits donation platform

- Consulted for the Sri Lankan Board of Tourism and the Liberian Government about developing surfing in their nations