Surfing Fundamentals - Adult Surfing Program: Novice - Intermediate


Our Surfing Fundamentals Program is the best way to develop your surfing skills and confidence in the ocean, hands down. Our Surf Coaches are top-notch and our curriculum provides a tool kit and easy to follow road map to set you up with for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable surfing adventures.

Learn how to:

  • Read the surf forecast and pick the best break for your skill level on any given

  • Paddle through the waves with confidence

  • Understand the "Rules of the Water"

  • Position yourself in the line up

  • Surf in a crowd

  • Pick a good wave and know which direction to ride

  • Catch an unbroken wave

  • Control your surfboard on a wave

  • Speed up and slow down

  • Develop other intermediate surfing skills