Summer Skate Sessions

Skateboarding is an incredible way to improve your surfing skills, develop muscle memory, build strength and stamina, and plus it's a lot of fun! Learn the fundamentals of skateboarding or add to your repertoire of tricks, all levels and abilities welcome!

Our Summer Skate Sessions, which take place in the afternoon, are the perfect compliment to the Summer Surf Sessions that start in the morning, making for a full day of action 


Enroll by the week: 

*Get 10% off when booking 4 weeks or more by using promo code: BIRD10


Monday - Friday
1:00pm - 5:00pm
- Space is extremely limited


Get Radical!

Our coaches can help you take your skateboarding to the next level by breaking down individual maneuvers or can get you started with the basics.


Setting the bar high

We have high standards and expectations for the youth in our programs, which helps foster a culture of patience, understanding and good decision making.


Developing Surfing Skills by Skateboarding

One of the best ways to get good at surfing is by skateboarding. We practice fundamental surfing movements and students learn how to approach the waves by developing their confidence on skateboards.