Future Legends Surf Club

AGES: 5-14

The Future Legends Surf Club is like Little League for kids who love to surf! Our program works with small groups of kids over the course of a season to develop confident, independent surfers, and admirable members of the global surf community.

In addition to learning core skills, safety and techniques, members of this exclusive program will also learn about surf history, culture, etiquette, and sustainability through surfing. 

We pride ourselves in offering safe, positive and rewarding surfing experiences for the youth in our care and our team approach to surfing development creates an enriching environment for kids of all ages.

Membership Benefits:

  • Individualized Training Plan, custom for your goals

  • Surfing Development Plan for each surfer

  • Member Rates on Private and Group Sessions

  • Discounts at sponsors on essential surfing equipment

* Space is extremely limited and we enroll members that display great character, camaraderie and willingness to learn and contribute *

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Saturday Surf Club

saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm
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After School
Surf Club

Tuesdays or Wednesdays 3:30-6:00pm
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Long Term Planning & Custom Training Programs

Most surf schools teach kids how to ride a foam surfboard on whitewash and say, "congratulations, you are a surfer!" At Surf Education Academy (SEA) we believe there is a lot more to learn about being a safe member of the global surf community. That is why we offer a graduated approach to achieving independence in the water. Our programming prepares students for a lifetime of safe surfing adventures.

We cater our programming and curriculum to each surfer's goals and abilities, providing professional consulting for custom surfing development, including a personalized "Surfing Development Report" and "Road Map for Progression".


Focus on Health, Positivity & Decision Making

The Future Legends Surf Club focuses on creating good surfers, in and out of the water. Our programming offers much more than surfing technique; we encouraging healthy habits, positive attitudes and good decision making. Our Surf Coaches take pride in being positive role models and creating a safe and inspirational environment for the kids.


Cutting Edge Photo and Video Analysis Tools

We incorporate photo and video analysis tools into the Future Legends Surf Club program several times a season to improve the rate of progression for the young surfers in our program. Reviewing the photos and footage with the expert analysis of Surf Coaches is incredibly valuable, as we have the ability to provide specific visual and audio guidance, compare footage side by side, and review previous sessions.


Skateboarding to Improve our Surfing

We incorporate skateboarding into our programming as it is a great training exercise for developing muscle memory as it relates to surfing. The ability to practice the same movements in a controlled environment really translates to the waves, as there is a direct correlation between the amount of time our students practice skateboarding and the speed in which they conquer core intermediate surfing skills.

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Waves for all Levels

Our permitted beach site at La Jolla Shores offers waves that are both safe and stimulating, ensuring everyone can make the most of their time in the water. The sand bottom and gentle, rolling waves are great for learning and the sandbars create great peaks for intermediate to advanced surfers, offering lefts, rights, steep sections and you can even score some tubes!

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We Chart Your Progress

Each surfer creates their own goals and we create custom programming to work towards success. Each surf session is documented with session goals, drills, and Surf Coach Notes and this information is paired with the photos and video to track progress and document improvement.


SEA Colored Leash System: Climb the Ranks!

Similar to Martial Arts, Surf Education Academy uses colors to signify rank and to encourage students to progress through the surfing development pathway, but instead of colored belts we use colored leashes. Surfers enter the program as a "White Leash" surfer and as they put in the hours and master the novice skills they have the ability to test for their "Blue Leash". The colored leashes motivate the students to be dedicated and also allows our surf coaches to easily separate the group based off of leash color/ability as needed.