ISA Judging and Officiating Program

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The ISA Judging & Officiating Development Program is a comprehensive educational program that has been identified by leading sporting organizations as the worlds’ best educational practice in the development of quality accredited surfing officials. This Program is the result of 15 years of research and development, and is designed to compliment all ISA Development Programs.

The ISA is committed to the continued success of surfing as a sport worldwide and recognizes the need for a standardized accreditation course for sport officials. The quality and credibility of every competition hinges on the education of our officials. A globally standardized education program for Judges ensures that the athletes receive identical feedback on their performance regardless of the place of competition

All judges that complete the ISA Judging & Officiating Accreditation Course are registered as ISA International Judges. All accredited and registered Judges are eligible to officiate at all ISA events and for National Governing Bodies at their sanctioned events.

All ISA Judges are registered on the ISA International Judge’s Register for 1 year and will receive newsletters and the official ISA International Judges’ Identification card for the current calendar year.

To maintain International accreditation and registration, each Judge is required to pay a renewal fee each calendar year.

Interested in becoming a Certified ISA Surf Judge? Let us know and we will keep you informed as courses are scheduled...

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