Surfing Fundamentals:
Adult Surfing Program

Our Surfing Fundamentals Program is the best way to develop your surfing skills and confidence in the ocean, hands down. Our Surf Coaches are top-notch and our curriculum provides a tool kit and easy to follow road map to set you up with for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable surfing adventures.

Learn how to:

  • Read the surf forecast and pick the best break for your skill level on any given
  • Paddle through the waves with confidence
  • Understand the "Rules of the Water"
  • Position yourself in the line up
  • Surf in a crowd
  • Pick a good wave and know which direction to ride
  • Catch an unbroken wave
  • Control your surfboard on a wave
  • Speed up and slow down
  • Develop other intermediate surfing skills

Membership Benefits:

  • Surf 6 hours of scheduled coached surf sessions a month for one low price
  • Individualized Training Plan, custom for your goals
  • Surfing Development Report for each surfer
  • Photos and Video included
  • Member Rates on Private and Group Sessions
  • Discounts at sponsors on essential surfing equipment



*Please Note: A 10% city surcharge will be added at checkout for the use of this location*

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Safety, Etiquette & Best Practices

Learn the safety, etiquette and best practices to keep yourself and others safe. Our programming helps you develop the right habits and questions to ask yourself each time you paddle out to ensure that your session is always fun and never out of your control.


Core Skills & Common Mistakes

Our Surf Coaches will break down the fundamental building blocks to developing quality surfing, helping you to develop essential core skills, while avoiding common mistakes or bad habits. 


Custom Curriculum & Training Programs

Every surfer has their own goals, comfort levels and abilities and we cater our programming to fit the needs of each surfer. Working with small groups of surfers over an extended period of time allows os to drill down on learning styles and create long term training programs, as opposed to just shouting, "Stand up!".


Cutting Edge Photo and Video Analysis Tools

We use photo and video analysis tools to improve the rate of progression for the surfers in our program. Reviewing the photos and footage with the expert analysis of Surf Coaches is incredibly valuable, as we have the ability to provide specific visual and audio guidance, compare footage side by side, and review previous sessions.


We Chart Your Progress

Each surfer creates their own goals and we create custom programming to work towards success. Each surf session is documented with session goals, drills, and Surf Coach Notes and this information is paired with the photos and video to track progress and document improvement.


Multiple Surfing Venues

San Diego has an abundance of great waves and surfing venues and we like to take advantage of that, selecting the most appropriate location for the club on any given swell and conditions. We always select waves that are both safe and stimulating, ensuring everyone can make the most of their time in the water.